moan …

There is something about hearing a person moan that is simply a pleasure it in itself. Be it a low, soft, faint moan or a room filling, head cocked back, mouth open moan. I feel that in some ways its not the action/cause that evoked the moan, its the resonating frequency that can spark a high level of arousal and pleasure for the ‘listener’. Hearing a person moan is addictive, its audible Class A drug, forms part of my 5-a-day essential sexual vitamins and minerals. And this is why I wrote a poem about this audible indulgence. Here’s a snippet …

“… I’m am in love with the way you moan. Its wild sea storm ocean wetness of it. Its the 10,000 leagues depth of it.

The way you moan like dark cloud thunder. Roll across the sky of my audio skies. Rain down on me … ”

Posted by eroticnoire

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