prime time tv

We sit in comfortable silence
Its ease has been matured through time
It’s prime time
It’s our time
We don’t wish to engage brain

We lay on the sofa
It has become a victim of financial hardship
Upholstery carries aged stains
It is faithfully weak
many stories our late night passion are tucked into the folds of its cushions
It is loyal
It will remain silent to its last stitch

You rest your head on my chest
We watch the TV in silence
Witness family feuds which are circular
Caricature social rhetoric ideologies

The glow of our 3 life-time old lamp
Offers a soft glow
Gentle envelopes us
Blankets the room

The self inflicted frustration of witnessing uncommon normality portrayal
Makes me inhale deep
Exhale long
You raise your head
Look at me
We kiss

The tea you made sits on the floor
Not ever fulfilling its purpose
It has long gone cold

The plot of 30 minutes is redundant unexpected excitement
The omnibus of our love series begins to play again
We never get tired of repeats
Always has us on the edge of desires seat
It is awarding winning

This is prime time
This is our time …

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