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murmuration …

I wish to taste you like a murmuration of starlings
Have you watch my tongue move
Become a swirling formation of unpredictable movement
A shape-shifting cloud in the sky of your wetness
Simultaneous liquid mass maneuvers
Varied velocity
Transitional correlation
Become science
Particle physics
Transmit signals through low noise vibrations
Kinetic electrical principles
Short-range motions
Cause chain reaction in 8,000 nerve endings
Stroke one nerve ending
Cause a tingle in several closest
Several closest causes a shudder in several more
Neurological avalanche
Aerial oral ballet
Dance across your sky
Until you become memorized
Watch in amazement
In awe
Witness the beauty of our oral nature
I wish to taste you like a murmuration of starlings

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Diary of DeeDee Walker: The bbq pt1

You know what? I don’t even know where to start with this story. Part of me just wants to jump into the end and tell you about the good parts but I need to give you background. I need to tell you about Mr Ezra Morris. Ezra’s story is so good I have to break it down into two parts.
I meet Ezra at a friend’s bbq – it sounds bad but I can’t remember which friend; I just remember him coming into my life and the subsequent and wondrous sex that followed.

The bbq was your typical ‘starts at 3pm’ but nobody turns up until after 6-7pm with the majority of people rocking up after 10pm. I admit it, I formed part of the later group. It was one of those rare extra UK hot summer days – and believe me they are rare. It was the kind where everyone seems to either go crazy and walk round half naked or just decides to roam around on road just so they can soak up as much sun as possible – most people end up doing both. For me, I had the obligatory Saturday morning house chores to do. You know the ones; the kind you don’t have time to do in the week or just can’t be arsed to do when you get home from work.

Anyway, I spent the day doing my thing, hook up with Isis and head over to the bbq. As it was hot we both decided to wear our maxi summer dresses – and yes, of course we didn’t wear any underwear; it’s become standard procedure when wearing such clothing. We got the bbq and made are way to the garden.

That’s her name! Patricia, Patricia Olufemi – she’d kill me for forgetting her name lol.
Patricia introduced us to a couple of people which I really didn’t and couldn’t remember. That was until she introduced us to Ezra. Trust me, my man was all the bbq I needed – he was a feast and a half
He was wearing a vest top and linen trousers. The top just framed his arms beautifully – the were solid, bold and defined. He had that new bread trend going on which lots of guys are rocking but it seemed like it was something he’d been rocking for years. His lips, his lips … he had the lips that make you simply imagine, the kind that when he’s talking you’re just watching his mouth and imagining. His lips made you want to say ‘you’ve got nice lips’ but want you really want to say ‘can you please put them on my nukki, please, really please!!’. He’s vest was fitted but not tight and you could see the subtle and suggestive imprint of his abs. Now, I need to catch a moment as I describe the trousers…
Ladies, you know we all do it when we see a guy approaching us – you sneak a sly look to see if he’s got that dick print/outline in his trousers. Well, with Ezra there was no need to sneak a quick look, the sumting was embossed! I don’t know if there is a male version for camel toe print out but he had it.
Wait … I need to catch my breath again.

Ok. I’m good now!
It wasn’t just long it was Thick with a capital ‘T’! it hung proudly to the right and was bold in its presence. My nukki didn’t get wet, it was dribbling. It was such a good thing I had on that maxi dress ‘cause I could feel her trickling down my inner thigh.
He had this thunderous deep voice that was husky too. When he spoke its was like when you’re in rave next to the bass speaker and it vibrates your entire body. My nib was reverberating from his every word. Hopefully you get the picture of what this man was doing to my nukki without him even realising it. I kindda forgot that Isis was standing next to me as Patricia introduced us and did the ‘joining the dots of things in common’. When I did remember her I looked at her and realised it wasn’t just me suffering from this man’s effects. Isis and I had been friends for over 5 years and I could always tell when she was looking, horny or just got some. The look on her face was all three. She was certainly looking piece of Ezra, she was horny as I was and I could see from her eyes she was & had fucked him several times in her mind. Lmao … the two of us must have look like some dick hungry, nukki in need, ready to strike, famine stricken, ravenous beasts.

Ezra was either use to women reacting to him in the way we did or simply playing cool as he didn’t seem fazed by us at all. I don’t remember it at the time but later during our rapport Ezra said that I was licking and biting my bottom lip. He said that was what made him take an ‘interest’ me in. AS the evening progressed, got later and more drink was consumed Ezra and I somehow ended up talking in the hall way while everyone seemed to be outside or in the kitchen. We were both propped up sideways against the wall and looking directly at each other. I have to say that I could have raped him there and then – in fact in my mind I already was! We were so close, practically touching. It’s like I could feel the heat radiating from his body or maybe it was the heat emitting from my nukki, either way there was physical actually heat being generated.

I don’t know if it was alcohol, the horniness or both but Ezra asked if we could find somewhere quite to ‘talk’. He didn’t have to ask me twice and before I knew it we were walking upstairs and into the bathroom. Please, don’t ask me why or how we chose the bathroom. I guess part of the reason was I wasn’t going to disrespect Patricia’s house and get my freak on in her bed. Ezra and I weren’t even fully through the door before we were all over each other. He’s hands grabbed my behind, squeezed and pulled me onto his hardness. Between his linen trousers and my maxi dress there wasn’t a lot of material between us and I could feel everything. It was like autopilot the way my fingers found him and cupped it in my hand. It wasn’t just hard it was strong. You hear the ‘it was hard like steel’ but never believe it. Well, Ezra embodied that saying; it was like it was made from the same metal that Wolverine has … what’s it called? Adamantium – it felt indestructible. I could feel my nukki just saying ‘take it, take it, take it … let me take it!!’ I was trying, fighting to maintain and not get carried away. I was tipsy already so my head was spinning but the feeling of his hardness was making me feel even more drunk. The way he kisses was like alcohol, like brandy and coke … smooth, warm, mature and powerful.

Even in my intoxicated and horny state I sensed that this encounter wasn’t the first of many. However, what Ezra did next confirmed my suspicions. Without warning he spun me around so I was facing the mirror over the skink, flung my dress up so it curtained over my ass, dropped to his knees and slipped his tongue inside me.
It was crazy. It was like the level of intoxication doubled yet sobered me up at the same time. Ezra’s hands cupped my cheeks and spread them as he begun to suck and French kiss my nukki from behind. I wanted to release, let me moans out but couldn’t; people would hear me – even over the loud music and chatter. Ezra was a tongue Jedi, and he was certainly using the force. It was concentrated intensity and I could feel myself rise up onto my tiptoes. Nukki was spilling like an overflowing bath – water everywhere. I could hear Ezra moan and he tongue fucked my nuki with such blissful finesse I started to buck. I was bucking and shaking so much I ended up head-butting the mirror. I ended up gently tapping my forehead against the mirror to try and take the edge off the intensity of the tingles. I could feel the cold of the sink pressing against the front of my thighs, the warmth of Ezra’s tongue, the dull thud of my forehead against the mirror. I wanted to cum but didn’t want to cum as I knew it would be intense. I was gritting my teeth trying to hold it back – I wasn’t about to let out an give away sounds that would get us both into trouble. However … Ezra had other plans and it was like he could sense I was holding back. To this day I don’t know what he done – and he refuses to tell me – but he done something with his tongue and that was it; I came apart.

I was so sudden, so overwhelming, so powerful there wasn’t even any build warnings. I just exploded. I popped like a water balloon when it hits something – splash! My legs began to buckle and shake. I don’t know how he did it but Ezra was holding me up and still sucking on me as I orgasmed. It was messy. Juices just all over the shop, down my legs, on the floor, all over his mouth – it felt …emotional. The way I was gritting my teeth and fighting back urge to moan was almost infuriating. I was holding onto the sink so tight it felt like was going to rip it off the wall. I wanted to reach back and push Ezra off me but 1. It felt so good I didn’t want him to stop. 2. If I let go of the sink I might have fallen over. My head was pressed against the mirror, eyes clinched tight. Come to think of it I think I stopped breathing for about a min it was so intense.

Ezra eventually gave mercy on me and stopped. If you ever head the gasp of relief I expelled was serious. He got up and stood behind me and looked at me in the mirror. My juices were all over his mouth and he slowly licked his lips; the sight of that alone made me judder. He smiled and with a straight face and absoloutely no irony said
‘so … can I have your number?’
I laughed and had a mini orgasm right there.

When we eventually got back down stairs Isis looked at me and she knew. She just smiled, shook her head and said ‘bitch!’ so … how was it? The rest of the evening I didn’t drink a drop; I didn’t need to as my head (and body) was still spinning. It was around 2am when we left the bbq and Ezra gently put his hand on my waist as I left and said
‘I do believe we have some unfinished business to attend to. I’ll call you so we can make the necessary arrangements.’
Believe me I was read to make arrangements right there and then but simply smiled, felt my nuki smile to and left. We dealt with said ‘business’ several times, over several months and in several ways but that’s another story


She reads it slow
Deliberate emphasis on his words
The crafted syntax of sentences
Glides its vibrations in spherical motions
Her eyes slide from one word to the other
Moves her toy to the sound of syllables
Swirls it to the annunciation of constructed verses
Feels it hum
The constant pitch
Listens as it alters with each rotation
Varies as it flips over her nib
She reads his words
Writes his poem across her wetness
His writing becomes her writing
Creates images on its tip
Paints pictures of his sonnet between her thighs
Reads with a stammer
Stutters as her moans swell
Seep into the pages of her lady pages
She reads his words
Inserts her own punctuation of tingled filled profanities
Amends his poem with typographical gasps
Trips over her tongue
Becomes tongue tied
Reads faster
Matches the swift pace of globular rotations
With urgency
She reads with fevered passion
Circles with zealous desire
Recites his words
Becomes lost is his narration
Engulfed in her pleasured chronicle
Sits on the edge of the seat of release
Speaks his words from her body
Declares them with her shudders
Performs his words
Until the final line
The explosion of her release
Exclamation sounds
Scrambled syntax
incoherant grammar
sloppy sentence structure

She reads his words

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for me (I love it when you)

I watch
Drink in the fluid of your self indulgence
Smile as you moan
How it bottle necks in the back of your throat
The rustic sound
Long corroded door hinge squeak as your mouth opens
Sharp in hale
Sweet piercing octaves
When gasps catch in the roof of your mouth
Grate against your palette
Rugged hauled from your diaphragm
Excavated from your stomach
Uprooted proclamation Read more…

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taste you (just say yes)

July 7, 2014 1 comment
I want …
I long
To taste you
Lavish your centre with intricate swirls
Elaborate tongue designs
Decorate it with ornate garlands of tongue motion
Adorn it with oral tapestry 
Create art between your thighs
Have your legs frame my head work
Display it on the museum of y our face
I want to taste you with delicate patience
Give you feather strokes
That causes you to soar
Fly beyond cloud 9

Read more…

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How to be a Dominant …

June 26, 2014 1 comment

How to be a dominant.

Firstly I must say would describe myself as a dominant in what might be the conventional and traditional sense. However, I do have ‘dominant’ tendencies and I most certainly like a woman how enjoys be a sub and submissive – I’d like to say being a sub and being submissive are, for me, two different things (that’s a blog within itself).

Secondly, this is by no means a ‘guide’ but more my thoughts. Being a Dominant requires a partner who is willing to offer you his/her greatest gift – their submission.

Being a Dom IS NOT about making demands, “you must call me Sir,” or “you will obey me.” In my opinion, dominance is not something that someone can command of a submissive, it is something that is earned, given … Just like respect and trust. The more aggressive and doctoral the demands it, the less likely it is that anyone will ever grant it and you have failed to understand what it is to be a Dom.

Below are my ‘points’ on what it takes to be a Dom.

1. Dominants are accepting. Accepting of their submissive. Accepting their limits and limitations. Nurturing their flaws, and guiding them to overcome their fears and shortcomings.

2. A dominant is compassionate. The have the ability to offer comfort and security during times of need. Without compassion you are not a dominant, but merely a sadist.

3. A dominant should act with respect and manners. They should act with dignity and avoid being rude or outright cruel in their actions. By all means a Dom will ‘push’ their sub but it done with compassion, support and encouragement.

4. A Dominant should act with humility or the ability to judge one’s own self-worth. They do not put their needs ahead of those of their submissive. Do not demean or are derogatory towards others to feel better about yourself

5. Dominants should display loyalty, an unending devotion to their submissive. A desire to have their submissive know they are safe, secure, and protected in all aspects of their life.

6. A dominant should be patient. A dominant is the key to the growth and success of their submissive. They should be willing to invest time, avoid frustration, and be there to celebrate their submissive’s achievements.

7. A dominant is responsible. In control of their actions, and accepting of the results of their actions; good or bad. They should apologize when they have made mistake, and rejoice when they have achieved.

8. A dominant should be respectful at all times. Of his peers and of his submissive. A dominant who is incapable of showing respect, will not earn respect. A dominant should also maintain a high level of self-respect, without the need for narcissism, pride or vanity.

9. A dominant is only as good as his/her ability to serve their submissive. By safely, sanely and consensually applying their natural dominance over a situation and their submissive. For you are only a dominant as long as someone is willing to submit to you.

Again, these are not hard and fast rules just my thoughts. For me, this is what it is to be a dominant … So when a woman says she wants to be your submissive, gentlemen, remember these words ….

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#FreestyleFriday pt3: Friday, life, faith, chocolate, spice

Friday, life, faith, chocolate, spice

They thank God for it
Created their own acronym
Thank God it’s Freaky Friday
They call out his name
Repeat it as the ascend to pleasure’s heaven
Give thanks
Speak in tongues

Their pleasure is their religion
They are devoted
Worship each other’s orgasm
Their church is coco skin architecture
Sing songs of moans and gasps
Offerings of eyes roll backwards
She baptises him in her water
He disciplines her with his rod
Their pastor is their desire

Their sex is seasoned
Sprinkled with herbs of want
Cured in passion
It gives flavour to their bedroom cooking
Cooked slowly in the oven of anticipation
They are chefs

It is their colour
Their flavour
Their sweetness
Decadent coco
They lick lips
African gold

They create it
Give birth to a child of joy
Nurture it
Give it meaning
Impart wisdom of their love
Educate it with the foundation of commitment
Clothe it in consideration
Provide it with the shelter of companionship
Enable it to be bilingual in communication
Every time the make love
They create life

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