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Eroticnoire’s new character – the diary of a male protagonist. who would you pick?

July 23, 2014 1 comment

So, I’ve been thinking..

I’ve written a few stories now that are told from the female perspective – DeeDee Walker, Eva, Kemi, Tannisha etc. and I think its time to introduce a male protagonist; the question is which one?

This is where you can help create the next series or ‘diaries’ from Mr E. simply vote for your favorite male character and then sit back and watch their stories come to life. voting ends on 31st Aug.

you’ve got eight choices
Chinedu Ajuru – tongueologist
Dexter Clarke – Mr 3D
Glenmore Michaels – third leg
Bola Isaiah Green – Mr PDA
Adrian Adams – 4th emergency service/body party
Femi – coffee, cake and kink
Moses – kemi’s choices
Marcus – Eva’s submission

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Moments: 19.7.17 – 4:22pm: summer showers

July 22, 2014 1 comment

Sun smiles bright
Adorns us with heat
Rejuvenates melanin
We lay in long grass
Submerged in its fingers
Listen to nature
Accentuate with candy floss sounds of distant laughter
Cloudless firmament spans over head
Arms of the sky open wide
Welcomes us
Heat prickles our skin
We are parched
Humidity smothers us
We are deep in silent dialogue
Fingertips converse with mahogany skin
Touches on topics of sensitive areas
Causes axons to giggle
I tell you of my dehydration
You smile
Bit your bottom lip
Legs open like the horizon
The sun fans itself
Feather breeze pauses
Catches its breath
Lick lips
Take a sip
Quench my longing
Your waters fall
Back arched
Summer showers
You create a rainbow on my tongue
My tongue dances in your rain
The sky jealous of the beauty we create

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Contrasts (enjoy them)

I want to feel the beautiful dssimilarities
Learn them
Become fluent in the opposing sensations
Articulate the disparities of the shared bliss they give
Take it in
Analysing the differences
Move from one
Slide to the other
The back the first
Perform uniformed anatomical motions against both
Challenge their principles
Use them to evoke nerve ending contemplation
Express their differences through vowel sounds
Depict their divergences in spasms
Rotate on one
Grind against the other
Push your weigh down on both
Feel their structure
Opposites that cause crakles to giggle in your toes
Take them in
Dance with them
Let them music dance different songs up your spin
Move fast
Glide slow
Let them cause you to judder
Ride in opposing ways
Straddle them unbridled passion
Squat down
Set yourself astride their source
Their centre
Take them into yours
Manipulate your waist against them
Contort your hips
Use them to make yourself cum
And then repeatedly

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Take it …

Take it because I give it
Take it
Take it because it’s yours
Take it
Take it because it’s a gift
Take it
Take because it’s your right to
Take it
Take it because it’s imposed
Take it
Take it because you crave it
Take it
Take it because it’s instructed you do
Take it
Take it because you’re selfish
Take it
Take it because it has power over you
Take it
Take it because it’s yours to command
Take it
Take this hardness

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moments: 19.7.14 – after glow pt1

We sprint
Cross the finish line
Cry out in joyful victory
Shudder our win
Spasm our conquest
Ankles wrapped around my waist
Toes curled
Arms snaked around my back
Thumping heart beats
Chest pressed against chest
Perspiration sandwiched between
Dampness on foreheads
Humidity filled air
Limbs limp
Held captive in bliss
Liberated in pleasure
Mind still racing
Nerve endings competing in endless relay
Pulse running
A beautiful irony
Adrenaline filled
Sedated conscious
We lay
Drifting back down
Floating on our class A
Blink slow
Kiss soft
Body pressed against body
We slip into sleep …

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moments: 20.7.14 – 2:50am

Black-blue midnight sky
Heat wave humidity
Street light hue shaded pavements
Sleeping spoon formation
Ebony origami
Legs woven
Arms coiled
Mahogany human puzzle
We fit

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Peanut butter sandwich

When we’re horngry
We snack
Make a peanut butter sandwich
Spread it thick
Apply it to the slices of want & passion
Press it together
Take mouthfuls
Chew slow
Feel it stick to roof of our mouth of fulfilment
Swallow it’s heavy urgency
Revel in it’s thick gloppy indulgence
Bite again
And again
And again
Consume it
Until it’s smeared across the lips of pleasure
Dripping off fingers of delight
Lick our lips
If only temporary
This snack will be our contentment
Until we snack again
Peanut butter sandwich.

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murmuration …

I wish to taste you like a murmuration of starlings
Have you watch my tongue move
Become a swirling formation of unpredictable movement
A shape-shifting cloud in the sky of your wetness
Simultaneous liquid mass maneuvers
Varied velocity
Transitional correlation
Become science
Particle physics
Transmit signals through low noise vibrations
Kinetic electrical principles
Short-range motions
Cause chain reaction in 8,000 nerve endings
Stroke one nerve ending
Cause a tingle in several closest
Several closest causes a shudder in several more
Neurological avalanche
Aerial oral ballet
Dance across your sky
Until you become memorized
Watch in amazement
In awe
Witness the beauty of our oral nature
I wish to taste you like a murmuration of starlings

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She reads it slow
Deliberate emphasis on his words
The crafted syntax of sentences
Glides its vibrations in spherical motions
Her eyes slide from one word to the other
Moves her toy to the sound of syllables
Swirls it to the annunciation of constructed verses
Feels it hum
The constant pitch
Listens as it alters with each rotation
Varies as it flips over her nib
She reads his words
Writes his poem across her wetness
His writing becomes her writing
Creates images on its tip
Paints pictures of his sonnet between her thighs
Reads with a stammer
Stutters as her moans swell
Seep into the pages of her lady pages
She reads his words
Inserts her own punctuation of tingled filled profanities
Amends his poem with typographical gasps
Trips over her tongue
Becomes tongue tied
Reads faster
Matches the swift pace of globular rotations
With urgency
She reads with fevered passion
Circles with zealous desire
Recites his words
Becomes lost is his narration
Engulfed in her pleasured chronicle
Sits on the edge of the seat of release
Speaks his words from her body
Declares them with her shudders
Performs his words
Until the final line
The explosion of her release
Exclamation sounds
Scrambled syntax
incoherant grammar
sloppy sentence structure

She reads his words

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for me (I love it when you)

I watch
Drink in the fluid of your self indulgence
Smile as you moan
How it bottle necks in the back of your throat
The rustic sound
Long corroded door hinge squeak as your mouth opens
Sharp in hale
Sweet piercing octaves
When gasps catch in the roof of your mouth
Grate against your palette
Rugged hauled from your diaphragm
Excavated from your stomach
Uprooted proclamation Read more…

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