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Full moon (I want to love you like)

April 16, 2014 Leave a comment

I wanna love you like the full moon
With silent grace
Offer you majestic presence
Show you 360 degrees of full circle pleasure
Love you with beauty
Affect the tides of your waters
Move your oceans
Eclipse shadows of past hurts
Orbit the planet of you
Of your woman universe
use the gravitational pull if my mouth
cause you to spin
Leave you like it’s atmosphere
Drive you crazy
Lunar … Tic
Touch your femininity
Have you float
Suspended in black velvet sky
I want to love you like the full moon

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April 14, 2014 2 comments

Poem – aftermath

Clothes left crumpled on the floor
Hurriedly discarded
Shoes tossed in multiple directions
Bed sheets evicted
Left unkept on the floor
Pillows forcefully removed
Eliminated from their throne
cast out
Bed is jostled
Shoved from is stationary place
Toys trust to the side
Furniture misadjusted
Heaved into unkept assemble
Ornaments bounced
Made homeless
Pulled down by gravity
Expelled from the position of standing
Confetti of chaos
Cushion littered room
Dishevelled clutter
This is the aftermath of our loving

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faded …

She told me she loves my work
That my words make her wet
Cause her heart to fall between her legs
I can’t help to want to taste her pulse
Have the rhythm of her want beat on my tongue
Press my tongue gently against her nib
Listen to her pulsation
Converse with her throbbing
Feel the motion of her pounding heart
I long to have her coil her legs around my neck
Scoop the fullness of her ass in my hands
Feel the weight of it in my palms
Pull her towards me
Taste her slow
Unhurried swirls
Slurp with long lazy pulls
Envelop her nib with my lips
Suck fast
Taste her until
She holds her head with one hand
Feels the low fade of her hair
The roundness of her scape
Then place her other hand on my scape
Caress her head
Caress my head
While I give her head
Have her pull my dome into her centre
Opens the horizon of her legs
Invites my tongue into her core
Opens so I can touch her centre with my tongue
Her finger tips glide cross her dome
Create static electricity
Kinetic frequencies
Generate vibrations
Reverberate inside her
Thunder boom through her
Jolt her until she shudders
Swirl my tongue around her nib
Cause her to gasp
Moan deep and hard
I long to use my mouth
Make love the her wetness
Seduce her nib
Converse with her spasms
Have her hold my head
While I give her head
As she holds her head
And becomes bald faded
She told me she loves my work
That my words make her wet
Cause her heart to fall between her legs
I can’t help to want to taste her pulse
Have the rhythm of her want beat on my tongue

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#Fanmail – The French edition

here’s a couple voicenotes I got from a French fan. was a nice way to start the day.
I’d love to know what you think of my work. Don’t be shy, drop me a VN or line.

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#FreestyleFriday king, queen, goddess, love, history

#FreestyleFriday words: King, queen, goddess, love, history

It is our teacher
Educates us
Offers wisdom
Give us strength
Is a compass in this forest of a world
It is our roots
Our foundation
Our history

Black love
It too is our history
Give us the same essence
History is love
Love is history
They are one in the same

This is what your are
The empress of my sexual queen-dom
The ruler of my satisfaction
I serve you
Bow down at the alter of you
Kneel at the thrown of your wetness

Is what I am
The authority of your pleasure
Ruler of your orgams
I offer you the thrown of my hardness
I command the land of your shudders
Your wetness a crown
I wear on the tip my head
Hardness and wetness
A glorious majesty

This is what you are
God’s gift
I enter your sacred space
Your sanctuary
We call out the Lord’s name
Ascend to heaven
Yet remain here in earth

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#FreestyleFriday: choices, sunshine, gravy, pineapple, brunch

Carol Porter: Choices, sunshine, gravy, pineapple, brunch

It bathes coco skin
Washes them in vitamin D nutrition
Recharges melanin
Cause their libido to become sun kissed
Summer breeze whispers
Their skin listens
Gazes deep
Yet gentle
They are alone in this crowed place

This is what they’ve met to eat
First meal of the day skipped
They are hungry
Ready to feast
Longing to dine on each other
Eyes speak silent words
Communicate unspoken want
While the engage is casual dialogue

The menu is full of them
Just so is the menu of lustful possibilities
Their minds wonder through the options
Foreplay starters
Decadent main course
Sweet afterplay of dessert
They discuss the menu
While thoughts ponder the menu of lust

Poured by the waiter over their meal
Smothers their food
Their want is gravy
Smothers their conversation
Coats their discourse
Adds flavour to their tête-à-tête
They soak it up

Pineapple is the dessert
A sorbet
It does not cool their heat
It amplifies it
They lick lips
Their meal complete
They leave
Return home
so they can indulge in the feast of each other

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#FreestyleFriday: Conundrum, Rain, April, concentrate, Breakfast

#FreestyleFriday words: Conundrum, rain, April, concentrate, breakfast

Senses are perplexed
Clash against each other
A sensory brawl
Beautifully violent
Intellect battles with emotion
Sight conflicts with touch
Calm wars with passion
Hearing combats with smell
Rational become hostile towards illogical want
Tongue fights hardness
It is a beautiful frustration

Is what I try to do
To focus
Gain clarity
Yet I’m lost in this storm
Blown away by winds of lust
Knocked over by gusts of want
Thoughts bumble though my mind
Feelings stampede though my body
They tussle
Overpower me

It is the change of seasons
A time when clocks go forward
Daylight saving hours
Yet I’m trapped in this moment
Caught in time
Held captive
Feel the temperature rise
Humidity forms in the air of atmosphere

Morning showers
Water soldiers march on roof tops
Drums on the window
Slithers down
A fluid zig-zag dance
I can smell the moisture in the air
Inhale deep
I smell her moisture in the air
Hear the thunder
Realise it does not come from outside
It booms within our room
Lighting strikes
Eyes smile

Is what she offers me
She bites her lip
I lick mine
We are both hungry
Both needing sustenance
Bodies yearning to be fed
I slide down her body
Look up at her
Say Grace
And have breakfast in bed.

#FreestyleFriday – Eyes, life, sighs, touch, scream

#FreestyleFriday words: Eyes, life, sighs, touch, scream

They are the windows to your coco brown soul
I see the your pleasures in them
Watch as they become transfixed
As I place my tip at your entrance
Become glazed
They plead
Your dilated pupils
Open wide
Mirror the motion of your legs

Screams are silent
As I slide in deep
Sink slow
Offer you the length of my want
Your eyes project audio
Deafening silence
Tort eyebrows
Oval shaped mouth
Eyelids become butterflies

They escape
Break free from your lungs
Carry the dialect of release
Speak the language of your body
This small, short expulsion of air
It is filled it emotion
Stuff with expression
Coated with sentiment

This is what our eyes do
Touch each other
Gazes that caress
Looks that stroke
Our eyes fondle
Pull the other closer
Coil around each other
Glide into the deep of our vision
Make contact
Although they don’t touch

Our sex gives birth to affirmations
Confirms our existence
It is a mantra
It is church
It is God

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#FreestyleFriday: Now, present, promise, world, love

#FreestyleFriday words: Now, present, promise, world, love

This is how I want you
In this moment
Within the urgency of this instance
I want to slide inside the tights of your time
Slip into the fraction of your seconds
Go deep into the wet tautness of your interval

Is the constant state of this want
Never fading
As permanent as my melanin
It is my DNA
Forms my molecular make up
It is the nucleus of my desire
You are the nuclear of my desire
The organism of my passion

It is said to be a comfort to a fool
Then I am foolish
For although you give to me endlessly
It is the promise of pleasure that makes me giddy
Causes my hormones to dance with excitement
They are frenzied with intoxicated anticipation
Yet they know
Your promise of pleasure is guaranteed
My hormones always live for this promise

This world
It is simply a planet in a solar system
Within a galaxy
An endless space
Our sex
It has cause us to travel
Bend time
Disprove laws of physics
Make Einstein’s knowledge invalid
I am weighted with lust
Yet float
Pulse travels faster than light
Yet move in slow motion

A small word with infinite definition
We encompass it
Define it
Express it through our being
And though our being
We are limitless
We are black love …

#FreestyleFriday: shoes , summer , water , nails , perfume , trip

#FreestyleFriday words: shoes , summer , water , nails , perfume , trip

This is what I want to taste
Your waters
The ocean of your pleasures
Have my tongue sail on the waves of your folds
Become submerged
Explore the fluidity of your delights
Discover your pearl

Perfume of your essence
It fills the room
I inhale
Breathe deep
Have it gloss my lips
Let the mist of your spray coat my chin
Wear it proud
Lick my lips so I can taste it
Have your scent seduce my tongue

Trip across your nib
Have my tongue journey
Discover your tingles
Become an oral tourist
Take in the sights and sounds of your wetness
Capture the image on the camera of my taste buds

Summer is how I want to taste
With sunshine warm of my mouth
The gentle breeze of my breathe
Cause you to become heated
Have a picnic in your woman garden
Slide my tongue inside you
Slow and easy like summer Sundays

They transcribe a script of your pleasure
Sink into my shoulders
Etch the words you are unable to speak
Translate your shudders
Engrave your tingles
Your fingers nails write a manuscript
Hands clench
Fingers flare wide
Sign language of pleasures you receive

They are to blame for this moment
6 inches that make your hips to sway
Cause your ass to become elevated
As you stride past me
They cause your back to arch deeper
Create that valley down your spine
It’s your shoes that cause this
Your shoes are to blame


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