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The Eroticnoire’s t-shirt …. a little more teasing

August 2, 2014 1 comment

here’s a little more of a tease from the Eroticnoire t-shirt range.
Sign up to get your notification of the official launch.

sign up here:

fotl_athletic_vest_heather_grey - words - SEDUCE

fotl_athletic_vest_heather_grey - words

strappy vest - blk - words

strappy vest - pink SAP

tshirt dress - blk SEDUCE

tshirt dress - wht words

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Eroticnoire’s t-shirt range registration form

August 2, 2014 Leave a comment

The all new Eroticnoire t-shirt range is coming soon. Sign up to get your notification of the official launch.

sign up here:

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The Eroticnoire t-shirt range … It’s orgasming soon

August 1, 2014 Leave a comment

Here is a preview to the all new Eroticnoire t-shirt range.
Playful, sensual and sometimes naughty slogans that express your erotic side.

Over the next few weeks you’ll get sneak previews to the range, so watch this space.

Would you like an Eroticnoire t-shirt? if so then register your interest at:


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Phone love

Just some lighthearted poetic fun…

I want to be your mobile phone
Travel with you
Your you look at me and smile
Make people wonder why joy I’ve show you
I want to tickle you
Cause you to giggle
Have you value me
Protect me with secret codes
I want you to stroke me
Glide your fingers over me
Tap on me
Create words
Hold me close to you
Talk to me for hours
Become you means to express yourself on social media
Rejuvenate me when I’m run down
Sleep with me every night
Be the last face you see at night
Be your wake up call
The first thing you think of in the morning
Panic when you can’t find me
Give me you undecided attention even when with others
I want to be your mobile phone.

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Eroticnoire’s new character voting: meet Marcus

I am Marcus …

If I’m going to be brutally honest I’m probably the guy you mum, pastor and girl friend warned you about. I know, I know … Not the best introduction but a true one. Please don’t get it twisted, I’m not a bastard. Nor am I a cheating dog. The afore mentioned people will warn you simply because – and this is not me being conceited – you’ll fall for me. Again, not because I lie or lead women on, in fact I do the opposite. Apparently women love men who are open, honest, communicate and can make them laugh and think. I’m the above by default and by nature – as they like to say ‘I’m real’. I love to laugh, have fun and enjoy life. Life without laughter is not life at all. I wear my heart on my sleeve. I say what I mean and I mean what I say – no mind games. I’ve come to a point in life where I’m not going dull down who I am or what I’m about.

What am I about you may ask? Well, one thing I’m about is sex, good sex … And plenty of it. I’m not an addict, nor am I indiscriminate in fucking. In fact I’d rather have a small amount of good sex than lots of ‘ok’ sex. I like to dominate and be dominant. I’m not a dominant in the BDSM sense (if there is definitive definition) however, my tendency is to find or attract women that like to be sexually submissive and dominated. I’m the kind man that will instruct a woman to ‘perform’ tasks, be spanked, use restraints on her. And as for giving a woman the dick … Porn star style is my motto.

So, if you want know more about me and read my stories then you’ll simply have to vote for me here:

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Eroticnoire’s new character voting: Meet Adrian Adams

I am Adrian Adams …

Allow me to introduce myself by saying I’m probably one of the most unconventional person you’ll meet. Why do I say that? Because people say that’s what I am. Personally I’m just a chilled laid back workaholic who likes to live life outside the box. Funny, just reading that to myself I can see why some people might view me the way I do – laid back and workaholic doesn’t necessarily marry up. Maybe I should explain that I’m ‘from the endz’ – but let’s face it, unfortunately, most people of color are. I’ve seen some of my family and closest friends get caught in the hype of the bad man life and either take or lose theirs. It’s made me who I am today, and today I’m a brand consultant with my own company. I’ve been self-employed for over 10 years and have blue chip and international clients. I’ve worked for public sector organisations, worked on household FMCG (consumer) products and a couple musicians. Maybe because I’ve had to work had and started young why it’s all ‘normal’ to me. My job and life experiences and family have certainly kept me grounded.

When it comes to my indulgences I like to be discreet. I am a freak, I love to please and pleasure a woman – I think it’s her right, privilege and a man’s duty to do so. I like the finer things in offer a woman those things too. However, in order for me to she has to engage my mind. Intellect is vital for me, intellect and sophistication – please note this is totally different from being stush. I’m the kind of man that will send a dress to her house with a note saying ‘put this on and be ready by 8pm’. I’m the kind of man that will go out and buy an array of toys and book a hotel for a long weekend of pleasure.

So, if you want know more about me and read my stories then you’ll simply have to vote for me here:

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Eroticnoire’s new character voting: Meet Dexter Clarke aka Mr 3D

I am Dexter Clarke …

I could simply say I’m a teacher by day, adult shop working by night but I’m sure you’d like more of an introduction to me than that. My job is my vocation and passion; children are the future, especially children of color. I’ve been teaching for over 7 years and still get the ‘oh, not many of you around’ comment. I’ve taught from primary school, the secondary and even university. I’m torn between my love of working with primary and secondary children. Primary school age is where they’re shaped and molded. Secondary school age is where you can help those who are lost find their way again. Either way, for me, being a black male teacher is my way of doing for our people. Sounds cheesy but as a rapper once said ‘I might not be able to change the world, but I guarantee to spark the brain that can’ – this is my hope.

The evening job … let’s just say that this is my innerself expression and indulgence. DeeDee Walker described me as an all rounder kind of lover and who am I to argue ;-)
I’d like to think I’m not your conventional kind of guy in that I love sex toys – in fact I’ve got a collection: 4 bullets, 2 rabbits, a glass dildo, a gspot stimulator and a vibrating tongue ring. I try to be more than just one dimensional and see toys as an aid to pleasing a woman as they can do things I could never.

That’s all I’ll say for now. So, if you want to see more of me and read my diary. Vote for me; I’d love to share with you my stories. Cast your vote here:

Dexter aka Mr 3D

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Eroticnoire’s new character – the diary of a male protagonist. who would you pick?

July 23, 2014 1 comment

So, I’ve been thinking..

I’ve written a few stories now that are told from the female perspective – DeeDee Walker, Eva, Kemi, Tannisha etc. and I think its time to introduce a male protagonist; the question is which one?

This is where you can help create the next series or ‘diaries’ from Mr E. simply vote for your favorite male character and then sit back and watch their stories come to life. voting ends on 31st July.

you’ve got eight choices
Chinedu Ajuru – tongueologist
Dexter Clarke – Mr 3D
Glenmore Michaels – third leg
Bola Isaiah Green – Mr PDA
Adrian Adams – 4th emergency service/body party
Femi – coffee, cake and kink
Moses – kemi’s choices
Marcus – Eva’s submission

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Moments: 19.7.17 – 4:22pm: summer showers

July 22, 2014 1 comment

Sun smiles bright
Adorns us with heat
Rejuvenates melanin
We lay in long grass
Submerged in its fingers
Listen to nature
Accentuate with candy floss sounds of distant laughter
Cloudless firmament spans over head
Arms of the sky open wide
Welcomes us
Heat prickles our skin
We are parched
Humidity smothers us
We are deep in silent dialogue
Fingertips converse with mahogany skin
Touches on topics of sensitive areas
Causes axons to giggle
I tell you of my dehydration
You smile
Bit your bottom lip
Legs open like the horizon
The sun fans itself
Feather breeze pauses
Catches its breath
Lick lips
Take a sip
Quench my longing
Your waters fall
Back arched
Summer showers
You create a rainbow on my tongue
My tongue dances in your rain
The sky jealous of the beauty we create

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Contrasts (enjoy them)

I want to feel the beautiful dssimilarities
Learn them
Become fluent in the opposing sensations
Articulate the disparities of the shared bliss they give
Take it in
Analysing the differences
Move from one
Slide to the other
The back the first
Perform uniformed anatomical motions against both
Challenge their principles
Use them to evoke nerve ending contemplation
Express their differences through vowel sounds
Depict their divergences in spasms
Rotate on one
Grind against the other
Push your weigh down on both
Feel their structure
Opposites that cause crakles to giggle in your toes
Take them in
Dance with them
Let them music dance different songs up your spin
Move fast
Glide slow
Let them cause you to judder
Ride in opposing ways
Straddle them unbridled passion
Squat down
Set yourself astride their source
Their centre
Take them into yours
Manipulate your waist against them
Contort your hips
Use them to make yourself cum
And then repeatedly

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