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another good read …

So I was going through the book collection and came across another book that sparked me, Going Down – lip service from great writers. Another anthology (i do think anthologies offer a great variety) of stories and exerts. I’ve never read it cover-to-cover but I can vouch for the juicy, mouthwatering, detailed and inspiring writing. The stories are short but don’t be fooled as they are crafted well and have a good plot. You’d think a book on the pleasures of getting head would be one dimensional but this book isn’t. The metaphors, the detail, the imagery is delicious. A book that gives both sides of the indulgence so it’ll make a good read for both men and women I definitely recommend it. In some ways it also doubles up as a learning manual but one that doesn’t have ‘How to give head for dummies’ on it. It’s a good handbag/pocket size book but I’m not sure you’d want to read it in public, but then again it would be funny to see the faces of people sitting opposite you on the train if you did lol ..



ISBN 978-0811822459

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  1. Grace
    September 25, 2011 at 5:00 pm | #1

    I’d really like to get this book…but from where?
    please could you advise…please ;)

    • September 26, 2011 at 11:25 am | #2

      Hi Grace,

      You should be able to get it from Amazon. The isbn is below the cover image. Use that and search for it.

      Lemme know if you have any joy

      Mr Erotic Noire

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